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Serve with ease. 

If there is a highly versatile and gourmet wine, it is Vinho Verde. And if only one wine accompanies many dishes throughout a meal, Vinho Verde is likely the best choice. 

The optimum freshness and lightness of Vinho Verde, with delicate fruity or floral notes, make it an unbeatable choice as an aperitif. At the table, white Vinho Verde wines are the perfect choice to pair with light and elegant dishes of contemporary cuisine. Salads, fish, seafood, white meats, vegetables, pastas and risottos are classic partners Vinho Verde white. With clams in a Cataplana, mussels gratin, fresh mushroom salad, smoked salmon, grilled dourada, oven-roasted bass, octopus, roasted duck breast and sushi or sashimi, ask for a white Vinho Verde.

Vinho Verde rosé wines, with intense fruit aromas, are served especially as an aperitif or accompanying red fruit desserts.

Vinho Verde red wine or sparkling Vinho Verde, alive and fresh, are perfect to accompany and "cut" through the fat of traditional dishes such as lamprey, Bacalhau com Migas (a traditional dish of cod and fried bread), roasted goat, Portuguese lamb loin, Sarrabulho potatoes and rice, fried pork, tripe and other delicacies.

Vinho Verde brandy finishes the meal along with coffee and digestivos, along with dried fruits, chocolates and, for connoisseurs, a good cigar!