Drink Wisely
Drink Wisely

To enjoy wine to the fullest, with pleasure,

recognize that each wine is a unique natural product, the result of our culture for millennia. 

To discover the aromas and flavors of each wine, and enjoy them in full, requires careful and moderate tasting. Excessive consumption is not compatible with the assessment of organoleptic characteristics of the wine, harms health and can be the cause of many social problems. 

Guidelines for moderate and low-risk consumption of alcoholic beverages:
 - Up to two drink units a day for adult women.
 - Up to three drink units a day for an adult man.
 - No more than 4 drink units on any one occasion.
 - Alcohol should be avoided in certain situations such as when pregnant, when taking certain medication or when working machinery.
 - Wine consumption requires maturity: minors should not drink.  - Avoid drinking and driving - in any case - never exceed the limits of the rate of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) legally established for drivers.

Adhering to these guidelines as part of a balanced diet is compatible with a healthy lifestyle.